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Updated Weekly! A thrilling tale of drama, action, horror, and comedy all mixed into one, these comics have been known for their detailed artwork and stunning dialouge. CAN I MAKE IT ANY MORE OBVIOUS THE COMIC IS IT A JOKE BY PUTTING A WARNING HERE IN ALL CAPS

Q: What... Is this?

A: This is what you see: A crappy comic. I'm trying to create the worst sprite comic ever, including MSpaint type graphics, lame dialouge, and cliched plot. (lol no accent)

Q: Where did this come from?

A: It started from a joke comic I made long ago on the Nsider Kirby board (Nsider was nintendo's official forums that died in 2007). Most of the threads there were comics, so I made the first one to make fun of all of them (even though they weren't that crappy). After Nsider died, I made a few more and posted them on another forum I went to, then created a SmackJeeves site for this.

Q: Who is sonic_fan1873?

A: He's the guy who is supposed to be a generic guest star. He doesn't exist on the internets, but he's meant to be an unoriginal sonic fan character (you know how they are these days). All the other guest stars appearing will be by an actual person.

Q: This comic sucks.

A: k.

Q: Why don't you get real backgrounds?

A: They're made for a more MSpainty feeling, even though some are harder to make than just copypastaing Mario's house from Superstar Saga.

And... I'll update more if there's any other questions.


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